$2,500 Weekly Guaranteed



Well you’re over the hump, you’re halfway through your week and we’ve got a tournament to keep you going until the weekend! The $2,500 Guaranteed offers you a phenomenal shot at some cash with just a nominal investment!

The $2,500 Guaranteed will tide you over while you wait our big weekend guarantees like the $10,000 Guaranteed, and the $50,000 Guaranteed. Get through the mid-week boredom and sharpen up your game with this great value tournament.

Our Wednesday $2,500 Guaranteed tournament features a guaranteed prize pool of $2,500. A seat will set you back just $5+0.50, so register now.

$2,500 Guaranteed

When: Every Wednesday at 8PM ET

Guarantee: $2,500

Direct Buy-in: $5+$0.50

Starting chips: 2,500



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