Why Bitcoin?

There are many reasons you should try Bitcoin at True Poker.

  • First, it’s the cheapest way to fund your account. With the exception of the miniscule “miner’s fee,” there are no transaction fees whatsoever.
  • Second, Bitcoin is faster than any other payment method. There’s no waiting for transactions to clear: as soon as your deposit is verified, your Bitcoins are converted to poker chips in your account.

So start using Bitcoin at True Poker today, or keep reading to learn what this “cryptocurrency” is all about.

The best advice we can give you is to inform yourself about this payment method. A great place to start is the Bitcoin homepage and the Bitcoin Getting Started page.

So What’s Bitcoin All About?

Bitcoin is a new kind of money. It’s a decentralized digital currency where transactions are carried out instantly from peer-to-peer.

Payments can be sent or received anywhere in the world, and processing fees are almost non-existent.

Bitcoin is exciting for many reasons, but if you’re new to the subject, we highly recommend you check out this explainer video.

Transaction Limits on True Poker

Deposits Cash outs
Minimum Single Deposit: $50 USD Minimum payout: $50 USD
Maximum Single Deposit: $25,000 USD Maximum payout: $10,000 USD


In a nutshell, here’s how it works:

  1. Choose your Bitcoin wallet.
  2. You can purchase Bitcoins from an exchange with your bank account, or buy them from a friend or family member.
  3. Go to our Poker Cashier, and click Deposit and then Popular E-Wallets.
  4. Enter any amount in USD that you wish to deposit, the processor will adjust accordingly to the amount you enter.
  5. The processor will provide you with a Bitcoin address–copy it so you may paste it into your wallet.
  6. From your wallet, send your preferred amount to the Bitcoin address. We’ll hold the exchange rate that’s tied to the generated address for 15 minutes.
  7. Wait for your transaction to process. This usually takes no more than a few minutes.
  8. Enjoy your funds at the table! If you have trouble, call us at 1-877-314-4195 or visit our Support Page.
  9. Please note that the maximum Bitcoin withdrawal per transaction is $10,000.


Before You Get Started…

There are a few more things to keep in mind when playing Bitcoin poker at True Poker.

1. Bitcoin Deposit Limits

  • Minimum Single Deposit: $50
  • Maximum Single Deposit: $25,000


2. Overfunding and Underfunding

It is very important to send the exact amount of Bitcoins you specified to our cashier. If your transaction is overfunded or underfunded, it will be cancelled.

If your wallet is charging a miner’s fee, you must make sure to add this fee to the amount you send. If not, your transaction will be cancelled due to underfunding.

3. Merging Accounts

We do not accept the merging of Bitcoin balances, so if you have several Bitcoin wallets, you will have to use them in separate transactions.

We hope this information is useful; however, don’t hesitate calling us at 1-877-314-4195 in case you need further assistance using Bitcoin!

4. Bitcoin Payouts

  • Minimum payout: $50 USD
  • Maximum payout: $10,000 USD
  • One payout per day up to 5 per week

In order to process your payout, we require a valid Bitcoin address; please ensure you provide a new Bitcoin address for each payout you request.

Due to the fluctuation of the Bitcoin, we will try and process your payout as soon as possible.
We remind you that Bitcoin is a currency that has constant fluctuations, so you might see differences in the amount sent and received due to currency conversions. Bear in mind that the rate used for the conversion will be the one available at the moment the payout is processed. Players may withdraw via Bitcoin once per day, however a player may not request another withdrawal while he/she has a Bitcoin cash out in process.  In the event that a player has a cash out request pending approval, they must wait until that transaction has been approved before submitting another Bitcoin withdrawal request.

If at any time your payout is being processed and you would like to cancel it due to fluctuations, please alert us via phone at 1-877-314-4195 so we can try to stop the transaction.