Elite Benefits

Do you have what it takes? Just play your first real money tournament or be dealt in on any of our real money cash games and you will start your history as a Pro Player.

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When you play in cash game with rake or in a tournament where a fee is paid, you earn Benefit Points which determine your level in the program.

You also earn Player Points(PP), the spendable currency, which can be redeemed for items in our Store.

Welcome to the TruePoker Elite Benefits Program! One of the most generous reward programs in the online poker industry.

Who wouldn’t want to set their own hours and play a game they love for a living? That’s why every time you are dealt in a real money hand or play a real money tournament you will earn Player Points.

These points will open the door for special bonuses, cash rewards, and tons of amazing merchandise that can be purchased in our online Store.

TruePoker stands apart from its competition by rewarding player’s points on cash games simply for being dealt in the hand. TruePoker rewards you with points whether you contribute to the pot or simply fold your cards. With True Poker, you are always earning.

The more you play, the higher your Player Level will rise, meaning more rewards for you!

•Exclusive Entries to Live Events
•Cash Bonuses
•And much more!
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