Auto Buy-In

Get to your table quicker and grab that last seat before somebody else gets there first!

Our new Auto Buy-in feature allows you to buy-in automatically to ring games without having to use the buy-in window.

How it works

The Auto Buy-in feature gives the player the option to buy in automatically in a ring game table after left-clicking “Free Seat” without any questions or delays.

Your Buy In criteria need only to be set up once, the next time you sit at a table your buy will be automatically posted.

Here’s how:

1) Click the Table Options icon in the top left corner

2) Then, click the Buy In/Top Up tab

3) Check the Buy In box and then set your Buy In criteria

You can choose to have as Initial Chip amount on the table:

  • The table minimum
  • The table maximum
  • A set number of big blinds (as long as it’s below the table max)