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CAP Tables

True Poker introduces a new type of table into the mix. It’s called a CAP table, and it essentially limits how much every player can bet over the course of a single the hand. Here’s what you need to know:

• The CAP is set at 30bb (meaning 30 big blinds)
• When you’ve reached the hand CAP, you’re considered to be all-in for the remainder of the hand.
• The CAP is always the same for each hand
• And the CAP is always the same for each player at the table

CAP tables are exciting because they level the playing field for every hand, giving short-stacked players more opportunity to play and win. And players sitting with large stacks can look forward to more action from players who’d otherwise be reluctant to jump on a raise.

Looking for CAP tables? You’ll find them at low, medium and high-stakes tables (up to 5/10).