Poker Basic Rules

Poker Basic Strategy Rules

Some of the basic playing rules are outlined below. These pointers will help you get a good understanding of the game so that you can enjoy the action at our tables


Here are some basic rules and facts about True Poker. If at any time, you feel these rules or facts are incorrect, or are being enforced improperly, please do not hesitate to contact us at: [email protected]. Firstly download our free poker software.

Games are table stakes.

Games have a three-raise maximum per betting round.

Check raising is permitted.

One player to a hand. No advice may be given by any third party, and no discussion regarding an ongoing hand is allowed.

No short buy-ins permitted.

As Worm said in the movie Rounders, “All conversation or chat must be in English only.” Okay, he didn’t say it that politely!

Abusive, critical language, discourteous behavior or personal comments about other players will not be permitted. All decisions made by the Hosts are final for playing purposes. Play will resume once the Host has ruled. If a player thereafter wishes to appeal a decision, please contact: [email protected], and providing the hand number and a description of the event. (link to E-mail: [email protected])

No side bets allowed in any game. No real money gambling allowed in play money games.

Management reserves all rights to interpret and enforce these rules, and to resolve any disputes or issues not addressed hereunder.

All “chat” at the True Poker tables must be in English as courtesy to our players and Support staff, the majority of whom are English speakers.