Play Multi Table Poker

How to Play Multi Table Poker

To help you get the most out of your multiple tables playing experience, True Poker has amassed all the information you’ll need in one place.

Let’s start with how to sit down at multiple tables.

When logging into True Poker next, you’ll be prompted to update the software, click OK. Once the update is complete close the program and after a few seconds restart.

Once logged in you’ll see the same lounge/table screen as you would normally see. Click on the table you want to play at, and select Go to Table.

That table will pop up onto your screen, you may then buy in and sit down. (Screenshot of table selection).

To select a second table return to the lounge and repeat step 3. You will then see a second table appear; again you may sit down and play.

We offer our customers the option to play up to 20 tables simultaneously!

Frequently Asked Questions regarding the addition of multiple table play:

Game Setup:

Question: I cannot move or resize the logs anymore! Why is that?
Answer: To ease the confusion of multiple chat logs for multiple tables, we have fixed the log to the right hand side of the table screen. This ensures the conversation you are reading or participating in is for the correct table.

*Logs can be resized horizontally.
*Logs can still be turned on and off by clicking the Logs button in any table screen of the lounge screen.

Question: Why can’t I make the program bigger or smaller so I can see more than one table at once?
Answer: The table screen size is set at a fixed resolution of 640×480, which is the optimal size to see all of the action on the screen clearly. You do have the option to change the resolution of your computer’s monitor allowing you to see more than one table at a time. Here’s how to change your Microsoft Windows Display settings:

Go to your start menu and select Control Panel In the Control Panel window select Display In the Display window select the Settings Tab In the Settings tab, you will find screen resolution. There adjust the size of the screen display until you find the perfect size for you.
Question: How come the lounge won’t close?
Answer: The lounge screen will remain open and is where you access tables and the cashier for purchasing chips. You must stand up from all other tables before you can close the Lounge and exit True Poker.
Question: When I double click on the board to join a table, my program momentarily minimizes. How do I fix that?
Answer: This is a normal function of the new release. When joining a table the lounge screen will momentarily minimize, but can be found by clicking the Lounge button in the current game or in the taskbar at the bottom of your screen.
Question: Why can I not change my Avatar?
Answer: You can change your account’s properties (including Avatar) but only from the Lounge.

Chip and Cash Issues:

Question: I am using the Cashier in the Lounge and I cannot move the slider. How do I transfer Cash to Chips?
Answer: Real money players can only Buy, Cash Out or Redeem points at the Lounge Cashier, (play money players can Top Up or Transfer play money).

*You can only transfer cash into chips when you sit at the table.
Question: I am at the table but it won’t let me purchase chips.
Answer: If you are out of chips but still have cash in your account, access the cashier at the table by sitting out and then increasing the amount of chips at that table.

If you do not have enough cash, you should press the Lounge button and access the cashier from there.
Question: When trying to register in a tourney I got a message saying that I don’t have enough money, but I do have enough!
Answer: The funds for the tourney registration are taken from your Cash and not from your total (that includes cash and chips at the tables, the so called chips “In Play”). If you do not have enough Cash, you need to add to that account either by depositing or transferring from In Play.
Note: Taking money from the In Play account might be considered rat holing, so better keep enough funds for the tourney registration in your “Cash”.

Game Play:

Question: How do I leave the table without closing the program?
Answer: If seated, press the Stand Up button at the upper right, then use the close button.
Question: I do not have a Tables button when I am sitting at a table?
Answer: To access other tables simply click on the Lounge button at your table. The lounge and table menu will appear.
Question: Why can I no longer raise and lower my cards when sitting at a table?
Answer: In an effort to maintain speed of play and ensure that players do not run out of time toggling cards between multiple table play, the cards are now placed in front of you and remain stationary.
Question: How do I see how many tables I am playing?
Answer: Check the list of tables in the WINDOWS taskbar at the bottom of your screen or use the Find Player function from the Menu and search for your nickname.
Question: How will I know when it is my turn to play at a given table?
Answer: You will be alerted to play. A red message at the bottom of the current game will appear, and by a flashing icon for other tables in the WINDOWS taskbar. Act at the current table, when it is your turn the other table will be brought in front OR simply click on the flashing icon and the corresponding table will appear.