Security & Accounts



All communication between you the customer and the True Poker server are encrypted and secured under SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), the most accepted communications security system for advanced e-commerce over the Internet.

Credit card transactions:

We do not store your full credit card number. Instead, we pass it to the certified credit card processing company handling your transactions.

Game play events:

All communication between yourself and the server is encrypted under SSL (see above). For example, when your cards are dealt — say a pair of Aces – the message from the server to you is fully encrypted so no one else can interpret the message.


When you’re connected to the Internet, your computer is linked to millions of other computers and users. Should hackers find their way into the CIA, they can probably find their way into your machine; however, if you have a firewall installed they probably won’t bother. Firewalls not only prevent people from accessing your computer, but the superior ones help you detect unwanted intrusion. We do not recommend any one firewall, but we suggest you check them out at: (there is a free version), or look for others at

Account Information:

True Poker, has installed significant security to prevent intrusion to our server. In addition we take the following measures to ensure your account information is safe and accurate.


All data travelling through the internet is encrypted; it is also encrypted within our databases which are also heavily guarded.


A separate machine reads all critical account and transaction information at every critical stage, ensuring all transactions are balanced. Discrepancies are reported immediately to our staff.

Backups and archives:

Archiving takes place frequently. Off-site backups are constantly being maintained.

We employ several other systems to ensure your information is safe…but we’ll play those cards close to our chest.