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The following are the most important settings to keep into account for your TruePoker account’s settings:

Lost Connection
Preferences: Chat and Audio
Change Password

Lost Connection

If you find yourself locked out of the system in the middle of a hand, or if your connection goes “questionable”, then clear, then back to questionable, the following may improve the performance of the application on your machine.
Read the category that best describes you:
AOL users
AOL will disconnect you if they see no activity in your AOL window for 25 minutes, or sometimes less. Leaving an AOL window open will not solve the problem. You must actually use the window by clicking to find something, checking mail, etc. at a regular interval in order not to be disconnected.

There are several other AOL-specific settings that you can change on your computer to improve your connection to True Poker.
Computers more than 2 years old
True Poker is built to run on a Pentium II — or better — computer.

If your computer is a Pentium I or upgraded to a Pentium II, you will have trouble sustaining a connection to True Poker. This is because your computer is struggling to play the animations and sounds, and never gets a chance to send signals to the main server. In the absence of a signal from you, the True Poker main server closes your connection to allow other players to continue.
If you’re unsure what kind of computer you have:
Close or minimize your applications so you can see the desktop
Right-click the “My Computer” icon on your desktop
When the menu appears, select Properties
Look at the lower-right area of the message box, it should tell you what kind of processor you have. (e.g. Pentium (r) means Pentium I)
New computers and fast lines
If you own a new computer and have a fast connection but still have trouble maintaining a connection, please contact True Poker. We can run a test that will pinpoint the problem.
To reduce the stress on your computer, and improve your connection:
While running the game, click on the Bartender or Dealer
Choose Preferences

  • Select “Force slow processor compensation”. (If it’s already grayed out, your computer will likely have trouble running the game and sustaining a connection.)
  • Turn off all sounds by de-selecting those options.

Be aware that this situation degenerates as you enter a room, and even more with each new player in a room. So, if you can play in a room with 2 people, but lose connection when there are 9, you can assume that your machine is not powerful enough to run True Poker.

Change Password

To change your password, click on the “My Account” button in the upper corner of the main display and choose Details.

In the Details window, locate the “Personal Info” and then click on Player Details, then simply click on “Change Password” under Actions. You will be asked to enter your password to make changes. (If you’ve forgotten your password, please contact us at [email protected]

To change your password, enter a new one and confirm it. Click the Save Info button to save it. Change your password as often as you like — it’s a good security precaution to do so.