How & When to Sign Up?


How and When to Sign up?

Each tournament has a “registration period”. Registration periods are between 2 and 30 minutes, and typically immediately precede the tournament start time. To sign up in a tournament in True Poker, click the “Tournaments” tab in the Poker Rooms window. (The Poker Rooms window lists all poker rooms at True Poker and can be accessed via the Rooms button in the upper left of the display.)

Each upcoming poker tournaments in the list shows a time (to the right side) when registration starts: i.e. “reg starts in X mins”. Simply wait for the time to arrive, and then click once on the tournament to get a Pop-up menu. The menu offers you the option to register. You will also notice that the time now shows “reg ends in X mins” which lets you know when registration will end and the tournament will start.

You are free to play in other games, or even leave the site while registration is underway  your place is reserved. You will be automatically placed into your seat when the poker tournament starts (even if you’re not online; more on this below).