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Poker is a very social game, and that is one of the main reasons so many people enjoy playing. At True Poker we like to think of our player’s as friends, and that is why we put special care into creating a safe, friendly environment offering you a community where you can share advice, tips and insight on the game we all love.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and join our community and find out why so many people have joined our Social Networks. We guarantee you’ll have fun, share poker stories, and learn from others how to become a better Poker player.  With better odds and an unbeatable friendly environment, GET Social at True Poker!

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You are just one click away from being ready to go! Click the red button on the right panel to download our free poker software.

Just follow the simple instructions and you’ll be playing and winning in no time at all.

Once you have finished installing, double click the True Poker shortcut icon to access the game.

Now you will be prompted to log in. You may choose to just watch a game, in which case click on the observe button. This allows you to view the True Poker Lobby and games without logging in. Double clicking on the name of the table you want to view, will send you straight to that table without logging in. If you want to take a seat and play at a table, you will need to log in. This is done simply by clicking the red log in button on the top right of your game window. You will then be asked for your login ID and password.

If you are not a registered user, please click the Create New User button and register your information to play poker at the friendliest poker room in town.

Start playing online poker now – for free! Or, you could take advantage of our deposit bonus and newest poker promotions!

Our Support Staff are there and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you with any questions, queries or concerns.

So, don’t delay, download and PLAY!