Re-Buys & Add-ons

Re-buys and Add-ons

Some poker tournaments offer you the option of getting more chips during the tournament. A re-buy is an option to purchase more chips at any time up to a certain stake level. For example you might have the option to get an additional $500 worth of tournament chips at a cost of $5, until the games reach 200/400 stakes, after which you’ll no longer have the option. (Note: you cannot re-buy if your chips amount is more than the original starting chips.)

An add-on is very similar to a re-buy except it is offered at a specific time to all players who choose the option. For example, just before the stakes rise to 150/300, you’ll be offered the choice of getting $200 worth of poker tournament chips for an additional cost of $2.

All add-on and re-buy amounts are added to the prize pool.